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How to Make Brilliant Stuff contains a great approach to creating successful products, very thorough.



Pat Jordan’s Designing Pleasurable Products is a classic, well-researched and easy to read, highly recommended.


How to Make Brilliant Stuff that People Love.

In this book Patrick Jordan shares the secrets of how to create successful mass-market products and brands. The book is packed full of examples and case studies giving important and fascinating insights into how to understand consumers, build brands and deliver world-beating products.



Designing Pleasurable Products.

This iconic book has been hugely influential all over the world in both the practice and theory of design. Building on theories from design and social sciences, it includes numerous examples and insights, and contains practical tools and methods to help create great designs that connect emotionally with consumers.



Other Books by Patrick W. Jordan

Pleasure with Products: Beyond Usability.

An edited collection of chapters by world-renowned practitioners and researchers. Packed with case studies, methods and tools demonstrating how to create a great user-experience.



Human Factors in Product Design.

Another edited collection of theories, methods and case studies. This book examines techniques for understanding consumers and their needs and wishes and how to address these in the product creation process.



Introduction to Usability.

This book looks at the issue of user-friendliness and at how to design products that are easy and enjoyable to use. Widely read in both industry and universities, this became Amazon’s best selling usability book.



Usability Evaluation in Industry.

An edited collection which investigates usability evaluation methodologies used by major companies. Also includes research findings in the area from leading universities and research establishments.