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A world-leading expert in his field, Jordan has helped his clients to be hugely successful in the marketplace.

The World Today

Patrick Jordan’s approach to design, marketing and brand strategy is based on what he calls the ‘Three Steps to Success’:

  1. Understand people.

  2. Know what they want.

  3. Give it to them.

The start point is getting to know the customer. Really getting to know them — respecting them, getting inside their mind. What’s important to them? What motivates them? What are their hopes, fears, dreams? How do the products and services that they buy and use reflect their aspirations?

When we understand people thoroughly we can make the correct judgments about what they want from a product, service or brand, both in practical terms and in terms of the emotional qualities that are required.

After specifying these requirements we then need to create designs that fulfil these, brands that connect with the customer and campaigns that get the message across. This requires a thorough understanding of the marketplace, our competitors and the trends affecting the sector.

Jordan works through the three steps with his clients, using a series of innovative methods and tools which give unique insights into consumers, their needs and the marketplace.

His ground-breaking approaches have proved extremely successful and he has helped many of the world’s largest companies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.