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Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors, Keynote Lecture 2011

December 2010

Details of Patrick’s keynote speech at next year’s annual conference of the Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF) have now been posted online.

The event will take place in the UK in April 2011 and will feature the latest research findings in the field.

Patrick said, “I regard it as a great honour to have been asked to give a keynote at this event and having seen the excellent program of presentations am very much looking forward to attending the conference.” The topic for Patrick’s presentation will be ergonomics and quality of life. For details click here.



Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Seminars

December 2010

During 2011 Patrick will be giving four seminars on the Principles of Success for the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

These hour-long lectures will look at the key findings from positive psychology and at how to apply these in the workplace, to enhance both our own performance and that of the people we manage.


The branches, locations and dates are as follows:




SME Branding Workshops

December 2010

Patrick will be giving a workshop in Oulu, Finland in February 2011. The workshop will look at how both Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and micro-companies can brand themselves effectively on a small budget and at how they can expand their markets both nationally and internationally.

Patrick said, “However small or large a business is, having an effective brand is essential. In this workshop we will be looking at how to create an effective brand in an affordable way and at how to use branding as part of an overall business strategy.”

The event is being organised by Oulu Southern Institute, who are responsible for promoting both industry and public services in the region.