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British Psychological Society, Success Workshop, 26 Feb. 2011

February 2011

Patrick will be running a British Psychological Society workshop on the Principles of Success. It will take place in Bristol, UK on Saturday 26 February 2011. This event follows two sold-out talks on the subject that Patrick gave at the British Psychological Society.


During the workshop, participants will learn about each of the five Principles of Success and why they work, as well as a set of practical tools and techniques for applying them to all aspects of their professional and personal lives.


Patrick said, "The content of the workshop draws on over 10 years of research within the discipline of Positive Psychology. This gives it a scientifically valid basis that is lacking in much of the popular self-help genre. Not only will participants gain an understanding of why some people achieve a higher level of success and wellbeing than others, they will also be given the tools to apply these findings to their own lives and to help others do the same."


The workshop will be held at the Novotel Bristol Centre from 10 am until 4 pm. To book a place click here.



Inclusive Bus Travel

February 2011

Patrick has been appointed as a member of the advisory board for a project looking at accessibility on Transport for London bus routes.


The project, which is being run by Brunel University in association with Hillingdon Council, aims to make bus travel more effective, efficient and pleasant for all users, including both disabled and non-disabled people.


Patrick said, “As well as being on the advisory board for this project, I am also getting involved in the research as an active member of the project team. It is important that bus travel is practical and enjoyable for everyone and this project aims to make a significant contribution to achieving this.”


Patrick has extensive experience of working on public transport issues having previously worked with state transit authorities across the USA to make bus travel more pleasant and attractive for customers.



'Big Society’ Research Program

February 2011

Patrick has been invited to participate in a program of research looking at the 'Big Society'.


The Big Society is the flagship policy idea of the current UK government and is currently being used to guide part of the legislative program. The research program is being run independently and will aim to highlight both positive and negative aspects of the government’s agenda.


Patrick said, “We have heard a great deal about the Big Society over the last year or so. It is important to understand what the government is trying to achieve and to see what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully the project will identify approaches that will maximise the benefits of the program, as well as holding the government to account when its actions are not in the public interest.”


Patrick was an advisor to the previous UK government in a range of areas including: health, education, crime, business, technology and social media.



Quality of Life Paper Updated

February 2011

An updated version of Patrick’s paper on assessing quality of life, The Good Society Framework, is now available to download here.


In edition to eight other quality of life indices, the updated version includes information about the Sustainable Society Index, developed by the Netherlands-based Sustainable Society Foundation.


Patrick said, “The aim behind the Good Society Framework is to bring together all of the various models of quality of life that are currently in use and to amalgamate them into a single comprehensive framework.”


The original version of Patrick’s paper was published by the Institute for Quality of Life Research in 2010.


The UK’s Office of National Statistics is currently compiling a database looking at levels of happiness and wellbeing in the UK. To find out more and to take part in the survey, please click here.